choosing doubt as a philosophy is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation
--yann martel

Monday, September 5, 2011

glimpses of godliness

People hesitantly shuffling to the front; the unified murmur of amen; the discomfort of your heart pounding in your ears: all things to describe yesterday's fast and testimony meeting.

As I sat in our 90-year-old chapel listening to person after person share their "I'm grateful fors," I started to ponder what I was grateful for. I reflected on my interactions with those around me: my wife, my family, my friends, my priesthood leadership. As I scanned through each memory, I began to see something beautiful. (Enter the pounding heart.)

In reviewing my interactions with others, I was able to see glimpses of godliness within each one of them--glimpses into the attributes, character, and love of God, embodied in my fellow man. The wife who loves and supports me regardless of my consistent follies, and abandons her own needs to take care of mine. The friends who build me up and appreciate me for who I am, and seek the will of God, even when it will mean difficult changes. The parents who sacrificed their everything to raise me, and continue to contribute to my happiness. The grandparents who began a legacy of righteousness. The siblings who not only put up with me, but also took me under their wings and befriended me. The nieces and nephews who radiate unmitigated purity. 

At least for a moment, God opened the eyes of my understanding and allowed me to see glimpses of His character, His attributes, and His love for me. I'm grateful for the monumental blessing it is to have such invaluable relationships with my loved ones. Moreover, in one way or another, each of those people provide me with glimpses of godliness. I thank you all.

c.  johnson

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  1. Thanks Clay, I like that comment. You were the perfect roommate to have. How is life treating you?